UMBRELLA SERIES UMBRELLA SERIES "City Lights (SOLD)" Acrylic, 101 x 76cm. "This lovely painting is part of Jeni Robertson's "Umbrella series" which featured in the "Inner Seasons" exhibition at the Painters' Gallery. Throughout this series the artist uses the umbrella as a symbol of isolation and protection. Her figures are shielded from the world around them, faceless in a world blurred by rain. There is a mysterious quality to these paintings which are atmospheric with a good use of light, colour and composition. This painting in particular is one of our favourites; the luminous urban lights shine out of the darkness and the figure is, of course, concealed in the shadows beneath her umbrella, protected from the elements and isolated from society. The colours are beautiful and cool, and even though it is a picture of the night, it is a happy painting." Diego Acevedo Llosa, Gallery Director 149194519 "Into The Night (SOLD)" Acrylic, 91 x 122cm 149194520 "China Town (SOLD)" Mixed media, 71 x 91cm 149202603 "Blue Jeans" Mixed media, 86 x 112cm 149194518 "Paris Mist (SOLD)" Acrylic, 71 x 91cm 149194521 "Poppy Fields" Acrylic, 76 x 101cm 149194522 "Autumn Showers (SOLD)" Mixed media, 76 x 91cm 149194517 "Red Scarf (SOLD)" Oil, 69 x 69cm 149390728 "Fantasy In the Rain" Oil 91x91cm 168958542 "Diversian" Mixed media 121x91cm 184791756 "Night (SOLD)" Mixed Media 120x150cm 184791757 "Evening Reflections" Mixed Media 122x91cm 193210304 "Evening Showers" Mixed Media 121x92cm 193210305 "Snow Melt" Mixed Media 91x91cm 193210306 "Tuscan Holiday II" acrylic 91x91cm 193210307 "Untitled (SOLD)" 193210308 "Mysterious (SOLD)" Acrylic 91x91cm 193977118 "Night Rain (SOLD)" Oil 61x91cm 193977119 "Paris in the Rain (SOLD)" Mixed media 91x101cm 193977120 "Driving Rain" Oil 91x91cm 196065778 "Traffic Jam Neutral Bay" MIxed Media 83x70cm 196065779 "Rainy Day Paris (SOLD)" Mixed Media 45x45cm 199691517 "Summer Rain" Mixed Media 61x102cm 199691518 "Emerald Sky (SOLD)" Acrylic 71x91cm 200450908 "Taxi" Mixed Media 51x51cm 200450910 "Gossip (SOLD)" Mixed Media 76x113cm 200479328 "Abstract Acrylic" Acrylic 91x91cm 201667044